How do YouTubers gain their viewers using digital marketing?

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Youtuber’s main source of income

We can’t disregard the fact that the main source of Youtubers’ incomes come from the number of likes and views. There are over 31 million YouTube channels on the platform, but unfortunately, only under 80,000 of them will gain more than 1000 subscribers.

Understanding Youtube algorithm

YouTube will prioritize promoting a high-performance video. Basically, after the video gets uploaded, it will initially be shown to some group of random users. If there is a good engagement, the video will then be promoted on the homepage. Youtube measures the performance of each video by considering factors such as click-through rate, average view duration, and number of views, likes, dislikes, and viewer surveys.

Additionally, Youtube recommends videos to viewers based on their past usage behaviour, a.k.a. watch history.

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YouTube’s Analytics tools

Youtube engagement metric:

  • Youtube Analytics tools provide:
    • The number of times your videos have been watched, including repeat views from the same person.
    • The number of people who subscribed/unsubscribed after watching this video.
    • The number of likes and dislikes.
    • Impression Click Through Rate (CTR)
      • Shows the percentage of people who clicked on a thumbnail to view a video.

Average View Duration and Percentage Viewed: 

  • You can use YouTube Analytics to determine how long people watched your video and when they stopped watching.
  • YouTube’s algorithm heavily relies on watch time, so videos should be scripted in a way that increases it.
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Implication For Business

Viewers are more likely to subscribe to a channel with coherent content; they resonate with it, so using Youtube analytic tools such as engagement metric and average view duration/percentage allow YouTubers to better understand their videos and channel performance. Hence, it will enable the content creators to know how and where to improve their videos by making it more attractive to their target audience.

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2 responses to “How do YouTubers gain their viewers using digital marketing?”

  1. Wow, thank you so much for your informative blog. I literally had no idea before about how Youtuber made money. I thought their main income came from the sponsorship that they advertise their product/service in the videos. Now I know that Youtuber also made money from views and engagement with the audience as well.


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